Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Tribute to My Sweet, Sweet Boy ... Grover.
January 13, 1999 to December 20th, 2012

Grover (12 yrs) came into our lives on April 11, 2011 when we first met him at our “meet and greet” at Moose Jaw Humane Society where he’d been a resident for two years. It was love at first sight as we knew it was a match made in heaven. We fell in love with him and he adjusted to his new surroundings almost immediately. He “fit” into the pack very well and he and Angel, my sheltie, eventually became an “item.” I purchased a new bed for Grover, as there was nothing too good for my sweet boy. I also, purchased new beds for Angel and Bear as I did not wish there to be any sibling rivalry. Grover’s first Christmas with us I bought him his own stuffed toys which I knew he would love and he did! He had his own “red stocking with toys and treats like the others. He was so happy. Kristyn McEwen, Director of the MJHS was Grover’s love before I came along.Thank you to you and your staff Kristyn for loving and caring for my sweet boy ... you gave him a second chance at life he so richly deserved.You're the best!

Grover and Bear loved to play together outside as Grover was a real puppy at heart. It was hard to believe he was a senior dog. Grover was always such a happy dog and became very attached to me and I to him. Back in May 2012, I learned he had a slight heart murmur which the vet was keeping an eye on and in October 2012, he started taking his daily heart medication. Grover took meds like treats. I have never had a dog who so readily took medication.

Grover always had a smile on his face and was always a very happy guy. His eye sight, hearing, teeth and everything about him was in top shape. He did have some arthritis issues which was controlled by medication.  Grover could hear me opening a treat bag from the back yard. LOL He loved to play and took great delight ripping apart stuffed toys. When he arrived here he took Angel and Bear’s stuffed toys and made sure he ripped them apart as the others looked on, no one dared to interfere in his little obsession.

There are so many things I could write about Grover and the joy he brought in the short time he lived with us. You see when my Toy poodle, Teddy passed away, I knew then, I would provide a home for a senior dog, which others deemed "throw-a ways." Believe me, when I say this, knowing Grover was such a blessing. I miss him so much especially right now whenever I was on the computer he would be right there beside me and if I was on too long he would come over and place his paw on my knee as if too, say: “ that’s enough time on the comp mommy,” let’s play outside or time for a treat. I’d always say 5 more minutes Grover. I would give anything to spend 5 more minutes with him instead of being on the computer. I love you so much my sweet, sweet, boy and may you enjoy your new home in heaven as your run and play pain free! I am sure they have treats in heaven!

Yesterday, after noon (December 20th, 2012), was so difficult for me as I weighed all my options regarding his diagnosis. The bottom line was Grover’s chances at recovery were slim at best. It was important to me he continue to have the quality of life he’d been use to with me. I have had to make decisions like this for other dogs I had the privilege to own   throughout the years and it NEVER GETS EASIER, it is so hard. I am crying as I am writing this to you. 

Everyone who came in contact with Grover loved him and enjoyed his antics he just loved everybody and was always happy to see anyone new so he could get some treats and pats. 

Angel and Bear are grieving the loss of their buddy ... they look for him throughout the house just thinking he's sleeping somewhere. when they go outside Bear scouts around for him. or maybe he's looking for Grover's hiding places. Grover loved to bury things.  I know they miss him so much as do I. This is the third day without my sweet boy. This morning making breakfast I expected Grover to be at his usual spot in front of the kitchen waiting for his meds. It's hard not to "see" him all over the place. 

I want to thank everyone for their kind words during this time ...

Much love from,
Jaime, Angel, and Bear 

Good bye, my sweet sweet boy Grover ....  


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