Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bear, My Handsome Boy

Bear, So proud

Following Angel's passing on March 9th, 2016, Bear started having seizures again his first since Christmas Day 2015. Bear's seizures have been controlled by medication. He was five years old when his seizures started. Angel passed away in the morning and in the evening Bear started seizuring. He has had seven seizures since March 9th. This morning I took him to the 24 Hour Veterinary Animal Clinic in Regina, Saskatchewan for around the clock care.

I am very concerned about him. Bear will be eight years old in November 2016. All my dogs are very close and have lived together for sometime. Berkeley waits by the back door for Angel & Bear to come home again. Animals grieve when they lose their BFFs. The pack has shifted significantly in the past week. I was thinking tonight that last weekend we were altogether and this weekend Berks and I are experiencing the loss, as is Bear.

Back in 2012, I accidently found out I had an Aneurysm behind my right eye as a result of falling and hitting my head against the bumper of my truck when Bear unexpectedly pulled on his lead. (The fall didn't cause the aneurysm, apparently I had it for many years and didn't know it.) I had a CT Scan because I hit my head. Following my surgery in October 2012, Bear was like a service dog to me as I would fall often when losing my balance. He would come to my side and help me up. He was always looking out for me and still does to this day. I don't fall as often anymore.

Since it's just me and Berks for now; he sticks to me like glue. He's very affectionate and loves his daily hugs. My dogs are my "fur kids" and they mean the world to me. Please remember Bear in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you.


Bear hasn't had a seizure since Friday, March 11th, 2016. He's doing well and will be released on Monday, March 14th, 2016. 

I am so sad that Angel crossed over the Rainbow Bridge &
now Bear is in the hospital. But, at least my Mommy is still here
to love me, feed me, & give me treats.
Mommy just told me, Bear is coming
home tomorrow. (Monday), Yippy, Yippy!!!
I am doing my happy dance in my head. LOL

I dreamed I was playing with Angel & Bear
but when I woke up they weren't anywhere to be found.

I can hardly wait for Bear to come home
as I have been doing his guard duty. I am so
ready to resume my "lay about" duties.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Tribute To My Prettiest Girl in the Whole World: "ANGEL'


Berkeley a.k.a "Berks"

Angel was born January 1, 2005 in Foam Lake Saskatchewan. She came to live with us on January 28, 2006. At the time I had two other dogs named Haida, a German Shepherd and Teddy, a Toy Poodle.
I first met Angel when I answered an ad in the local newspaper. She was so friendly and excited to see me; it seemed like she had been waiting for me to pick her up. It was love at first sight. She was a quick study as Haida and Teddy showed her the ropes when she joined the pack. I decided to rename her “ANGEL”, a name which was so fitting for her as the years went on. Shetland Sheep Dogs are very high energy and Angel was no exception to that fact. They are very loyal and devoted to their owners and love rounding up people at a garden party due to their herding instincts. Angel loved everyone she met. She was so friendly and loved children. She was the happiest when kids came by the fence to talk to her and pet her. Angel was always happy and had a smile on her face.

Did I mention she loved treats? Hope they have treats at the Rainbow Bridge. LOL Angel could be outside in the yard and hear me open a treat bag. I think that sound is imprinted in all dogs. Angel enjoyed barking with the best of them. She learned how to howl from Haida as did Teddy. They howled together as a trio.  Years later Angel founded another trio: Angel, Bear, & Teddy, followed by Grover and then Berkeley who recently mastered the art of howling. They became to be known as Two Hits and a Miss”, trio. Angel adapted readily to change as members of the trio moved on to the Rainbow Bridge; Angel always welcomed the new comers.

Angel loved going to Doggie Daycare with Bear & Teddy. She made so many friends and loved to play. I would drop them off every morning on my way to the city for work. My dogs became well socialized as a result. The dog park was a favorite or theirs also. I had to chase Angel a couple of times as she would follow other people and their dogs when we were at the dog park. I had to have the “talk” about not going with strangers and to keep her safe.

Shortly after Angel moved in with us she discovered a “dead frozen mouse” outside in the yard. She brought it in the house and dropped it on my bed. Angel was so proud of herself and very happy for bringing me a little present. However, she couldn’t understand my less than enthusiastic response. Needless to say, I was totally freaked out and almost had a heart attack right on the spot. My house guest at the time offered to remove it to more suitable surroundings outside. A few days later Angel brought me a second “present”; she drop the “frozen mouse” at my feet. I called my neighbour who happened to be a firefighter, to come and remove my present. I told him I was too afraid to touch it. I am sure I made the firehouse news as the hero firefighter saved another day and heroin in distress. I did have a long talk with Angel that she didn’t need to shower me with gifts.

As the years went on Angel loved being the boss of the boys. She let them know it by showing her teeth if they pestered her too much.  She never growled at them but always flashed her pearly whites. She knew how to keep ‘her boys” in line! They respected her: Bear would back off, and Berkeley would make a wide berth around her to get to his doggie bed. The boys knew when to back off. The three of them got along just fine. There were never any fights among them, just “looks”.

Angel was a real protector of her flock. Sometimes during the night when my aviary birds were in distress she would wake me up. She took her job seriously. Angel also alerted me when Bear started seizuring during the night.  She would be fast asleep in my room and then she’d hear Bear in the front room flailing against the wall or furniture. She was a real life saver for all concerned.

She could be sneaky and grab unguarded treats from the others making sure they saw what she had done. Angel would often hide her treats around the house and of course Bear and Berkeley would sniff them out. Angel loved playing with Bear and Berkeley they had an understanding.

Angel was like Velcro as she was with me 24/7, especially when I became ill. I always told her she was my prettiest girl in the whole world. Angel was camera shy; she always looked away when she saw I had the camera. I have very few pictures of her facing me. I usually got those shots by accident. When I had a brush or scissors in my hand, Angel would run the other way. Hence, I hired a groomer.  
When Angel’s health problems became more serious a few months ago we became regulars at the vet’s office. I have a wonderful vet, Dr. Melanie Roth whom my dogs love.  When Dr. Roth wasn’t available Dr. Ball would see her. Angel liked her right away.  Angel had many health problems: repertory issues, an enlarged heart, and bladder and kidney problems. Angel underwent many tests and lab work to determine a best course of treatment for her. I had many discussions with my vet about Angel’s quality of life as it was very important to me. She was on many medications and a special diet.  It was clear to me I had to get Angel her own Capitol One MasterCard!!!

As a pet owner I had to, yet again, face the most difficult decision about ending Angel’s suffering and letting her cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. When I said “yes, it’s time”, I had a sick feeling about having such power over Angel’s life. I told Angel when I was alone with her for a few minutes that she would feel so much better soon. Teddy, Haida, Grover and Grandma would be waiting for her and I would see her again too.

I have had to make this decision a few times over the years. It’s never easy. But knowing my pet’s suffering would end and replace their tired sick body to run again and be free of all pain makes it worth the trauma I feel each time I am faced with this choice. We do it because we love them and it’s in their best interest and not ours. When it was done and I was leaving the room I saw her laying on the table all alone. I hesitated and hoped she wouldn’t fall off the table or jump off.

My sweet Angel you have given me so much joy, happiness and unconditional love, I will never forget you. Angel came into my life a week before my mum’s sudden passing. I may feel sad today, but I have many memories of my sweet girl and I know I will see her again. Angel, you will always be my prettiest girl in the whole world. I will never forget you. I love you sweetie.  I know you are happy and having a great time with your many friends. Till we meet again.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's been sometime since I posted on my blog ... many things have changed. I have a new addition: a Min Pin named Berkeley. He's going to be 12 years old in October. A delightful wee chap. He arrived last July 4th, 2013. On Friday is his anniversary. I can't believe he's been here a year with us.

"Berks", loves to wrap himself in his blanket .........

Berks little sleeping buddy. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm Back!

It's been almost a year since my last post. My recovery has been tumultuous and rigorous at best. I've learned its an on going process.  Prior to my brain surgery I was told that I would never be the same again. This was difficult for me to comprehend let alone understand. The statement is correct, and yes, I too, am not the same following my surgery. The changes are too numerous to itemize here but I will mention only a few of them as needed.

I'm happy to report there were intermittent pleasant and happy experiences along the way to balance this process.  The picture above being one of them. I flew to Florida at the end of October to attend my cousins reunion. Our American cousin was a gracious host for our reunion. Her place resembles prestigious resort. Her hospitality was splendid and out of this world! Triple five stars! There were only five of us cousins who were childhood friends and had not seen each other for almost 50 years. Last, but not least by any means our aunt who babysat us during our early years in Europe also attended our time of celebration. We were truly blessed she joined us. We had a grand time catching up, learning about our family histories, and many laughs. It was the best trip ever for all of us.

I personally love the USA and had planned on retiring there. However, the medical coverage was a deciding factor for me to remain in Canada. But there is nothing stopping me from visiting the USA especially Florida where my cousin's lives. 

 When our time came to an end it was most difficult to make the transition to our colder climates in Canada especially this time of year. Memories/pictures of our time together will remain with us for the rest of our lives. Thank you everyone for a wonderful time and experience.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Tribute to My Sweet, Sweet Boy ... Grover.
January 13, 1999 to December 20th, 2012

Grover (12 yrs) came into our lives on April 11, 2011 when we first met him at our “meet and greet” at Moose Jaw Humane Society where he’d been a resident for two years. It was love at first sight as we knew it was a match made in heaven. We fell in love with him and he adjusted to his new surroundings almost immediately. He “fit” into the pack very well and he and Angel, my sheltie, eventually became an “item.” I purchased a new bed for Grover, as there was nothing too good for my sweet boy. I also, purchased new beds for Angel and Bear as I did not wish there to be any sibling rivalry. Grover’s first Christmas with us I bought him his own stuffed toys which I knew he would love and he did! He had his own “red stocking with toys and treats like the others. He was so happy. Kristyn McEwen, Director of the MJHS was Grover’s love before I came along.Thank you to you and your staff Kristyn for loving and caring for my sweet boy ... you gave him a second chance at life he so richly deserved.You're the best!

Grover and Bear loved to play together outside as Grover was a real puppy at heart. It was hard to believe he was a senior dog. Grover was always such a happy dog and became very attached to me and I to him. Back in May 2012, I learned he had a slight heart murmur which the vet was keeping an eye on and in October 2012, he started taking his daily heart medication. Grover took meds like treats. I have never had a dog who so readily took medication.

Grover always had a smile on his face and was always a very happy guy. His eye sight, hearing, teeth and everything about him was in top shape. He did have some arthritis issues which was controlled by medication.  Grover could hear me opening a treat bag from the back yard. LOL He loved to play and took great delight ripping apart stuffed toys. When he arrived here he took Angel and Bear’s stuffed toys and made sure he ripped them apart as the others looked on, no one dared to interfere in his little obsession.

There are so many things I could write about Grover and the joy he brought in the short time he lived with us. You see when my Toy poodle, Teddy passed away, I knew then, I would provide a home for a senior dog, which others deemed "throw-a ways." Believe me, when I say this, knowing Grover was such a blessing. I miss him so much especially right now whenever I was on the computer he would be right there beside me and if I was on too long he would come over and place his paw on my knee as if too, say: “ that’s enough time on the comp mommy,” let’s play outside or time for a treat. I’d always say 5 more minutes Grover. I would give anything to spend 5 more minutes with him instead of being on the computer. I love you so much my sweet, sweet, boy and may you enjoy your new home in heaven as your run and play pain free! I am sure they have treats in heaven!

Yesterday, after noon (December 20th, 2012), was so difficult for me as I weighed all my options regarding his diagnosis. The bottom line was Grover’s chances at recovery were slim at best. It was important to me he continue to have the quality of life he’d been use to with me. I have had to make decisions like this for other dogs I had the privilege to own   throughout the years and it NEVER GETS EASIER, it is so hard. I am crying as I am writing this to you. 

Everyone who came in contact with Grover loved him and enjoyed his antics he just loved everybody and was always happy to see anyone new so he could get some treats and pats. 

Angel and Bear are grieving the loss of their buddy ... they look for him throughout the house just thinking he's sleeping somewhere. when they go outside Bear scouts around for him. or maybe he's looking for Grover's hiding places. Grover loved to bury things.  I know they miss him so much as do I. This is the third day without my sweet boy. This morning making breakfast I expected Grover to be at his usual spot in front of the kitchen waiting for his meds. It's hard not to "see" him all over the place. 

I want to thank everyone for their kind words during this time ...

Much love from,
Jaime, Angel, and Bear 

Good bye, my sweet sweet boy Grover ....