Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bear, My Handsome Boy

Bear, So proud

Following Angel's passing on March 9th, 2016, Bear started having seizures again his first since Christmas Day 2015. Bear's seizures have been controlled by medication. He was five years old when his seizures started. Angel passed away in the morning and in the evening Bear started seizuring. He has had seven seizures since March 9th. This morning I took him to the 24 Hour Veterinary Animal Clinic in Regina, Saskatchewan for around the clock care.

I am very concerned about him. Bear will be eight years old in November 2016. All my dogs are very close and have lived together for sometime. Berkeley waits by the back door for Angel & Bear to come home again. Animals grieve when they lose their BFFs. The pack has shifted significantly in the past week. I was thinking tonight that last weekend we were altogether and this weekend Berks and I are experiencing the loss, as is Bear.

Back in 2012, I accidently found out I had an Aneurysm behind my right eye as a result of falling and hitting my head against the bumper of my truck when Bear unexpectedly pulled on his lead. (The fall didn't cause the aneurysm, apparently I had it for many years and didn't know it.) I had a CT Scan because I hit my head. Following my surgery in October 2012, Bear was like a service dog to me as I would fall often when losing my balance. He would come to my side and help me up. He was always looking out for me and still does to this day. I don't fall as often anymore.

Since it's just me and Berks for now; he sticks to me like glue. He's very affectionate and loves his daily hugs. My dogs are my "fur kids" and they mean the world to me. Please remember Bear in your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you.


Bear hasn't had a seizure since Friday, March 11th, 2016. He's doing well and will be released on Monday, March 14th, 2016. 

I am so sad that Angel crossed over the Rainbow Bridge &
now Bear is in the hospital. But, at least my Mommy is still here
to love me, feed me, & give me treats.
Mommy just told me, Bear is coming
home tomorrow. (Monday), Yippy, Yippy!!!
I am doing my happy dance in my head. LOL

I dreamed I was playing with Angel & Bear
but when I woke up they weren't anywhere to be found.

I can hardly wait for Bear to come home
as I have been doing his guard duty. I am so
ready to resume my "lay about" duties.

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