Monday, November 10, 2008

I am back ...

It's me, Angel. I am just hanging out today watching the world go by. Usually I am wired for sound, my owner tells me I have ADHD, the dog version. 

Yep that's Angel ... not a usual position she is in but she has taken to the couch as of late and watching TV.

I haven't been blogging to regularly over the past few months. I have been rather busy but things seem to be slowing down as of late. Well almost slowing down. I work my last weekend for training on November 15 & 16th.  

I am getting use to communiting to and from work. However, this will be my first winter out here in the country which should prove to be an interesting commute to work every day. Today, I am off and I am glad I am since the road report this am was for freezing rain and some of the hyways were closed. I go back to work on November 12th I hope the roads won't be icy. It is suppose to get warmer tomorrow. I don't mind snow on the roads but freezing rain makes for poor driving conditions for anyone.

My house in the city is still for sale and I have reduced it a few times. the market has all but slowed down these past months. But I am still glad that I made the move out here to the country. It looks like my house will be on the market over the winter. I know it's not the best time to sell. All it takes is one person to come forward and make me an offer I can't refuse!

Since my house in the city hasn't sold yet. I am unable to proceed with some cosmetic renoivations on my new place. But I do have fun making plans for when I am able to go ahead and put those plans into action. 

It looks like I am not going to retire for another year. I had hoped to be done in January 2009, but this plan will be pushed into 2010! I don't mind I will continue on until such time I am able to stop working and stay at home with the doggies and birds. By the way, I have sold all my lovebirds and have only seven budgies left!

Well I better close off for now as I do have some housework to do since just coming off of a 12 day stretch and needless to say my laundry and house work awaits my presence.

Before I sign off I should say the when I first started this blog I had intended to retire, purchase a RV and travel the country side. However, for now, and maybe for always, my plans have changed. I purchased a mobile home and property in the country. I was thinking about this change the other day when watching my dogs running in the yard. they have a bigger yard than they had in the city and are loving it. There is an addition which has french doors leading to the deck and into the back yard. During the day the dogs usually spend time in this room looking out of the french doors into the yard and barking at the cats which live just across from us. This keeps them busy when they aren't sleeping. They have settled in very nicely into a new routine. 

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