Saturday, December 20, 2008

Five Days Before Christmas

Hellooooooooooo Out There ... it's me Haida. this picture of me was taken during our first snow fall Thanksgiving weekend. The trees still had leaves on them. Boy were they surprised as was I with all this white stuff. I love the snow ... it's almost Christmas and I can hardly wait for the Turkey Dinner. I saw my "mom" take the turkey out of the freezer and put it into the fridge. I can hardly wait until it makes it into the oven and into my mouth, but I am getting ahead of myself. This is our "first" Christmas in the country. I have never seen so much snow in my yard. It's been snowing all week and it's been cold too. My mom drives into the city every day to go to work. I can hardly wait until she retires and is home all the time. then I along with Angel and Teddy can go outside anytime we want. I think I hear my mom coming, yep it's her and she wants on the computer as my time is up. Talk to you soon.

I see that Haida has been on the computer and writing this blog. I haven't had too much free time to sit down and write on a regular basis. I hope to change that in the next few days. Now where do I begin?

It looks like I won't be retiring any time soon as my house in the city hasn't sold yet and until it does I will have to continue working. I am sure it will sell when the time is right. Sometimes our plans are not the plans that are meant for us when we want them to be. This is my first winter in the country and can be a wee bit of a challenge on some days driving to work.

My '99 FORD RANGER is seemingly ready for winter driving especially as I take off my all season tires and put on winter tires. I definitely noticed a difference in driving. I carry an emergency kit should I ever go flying into the ditch. I upgraded my motor club card (CAA) and carry a cell phone. 

This being the flu season there are many people in my office including me that have been off work due to illness. I was off a couple of days last week and this week. Today I am feeling better and decided to shovel the driveway. The dogs refuse to shovel I therefore have to do it! 

The oven has just notified me that I need to check my pork chops which I am having for dinner tonight. They look and smell great no wonder the dogs are hanging around the oven!

Well I have a few more domestic chores to complete before the days end. 

Be back soon,

Jaime & Company (Haida, Teddy, Angel & the birdies)

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