Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Shopping

This year I didn't follow the crowds to the "Boxing Day Specials." In fact most stores had pre-Christmas Sales. There was a fear that due to the econimic times that people were not spending as much monies during this Christmas season. I heard on the radio that there were some brave souls that were waiting in front of the electronic stores for up to eight hours to grab the so called "specials." Last year I did brave the crowds and managed to snag a few deals for myself. There is one other formidable task for Boxing Day shoppers and that is returning items. Some stores have special checkouts just to handle returns. I wonder if this is why the "gift card" has become more popular over the years. Personally I don't favor gift cards as I usually forget that I have them and then they expire. Apparently, there is talk about gift cards not having an expiration date. I got a gift card last year and it took me at least three times for me to remember that I had a card in my wallet. 


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