Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

Well, we've made it through Christmas and are now focused on the New Year. As I mentioned in my previous entries this was the year I had planned on retiring. Plans change. I was thinking about this the other day. When I first started this blog my plan for retirement was to become a fulltime RVer. Those plans are on hold ... maybe forever. I wanted to retire in Texas but decided against that plan when I learned firsthand the medical coverage would be a problem. I took a leave from my job in Canada to work in Texas for almost three years. I loved it! No snow and icy roads to contend with during the winter months.

This past year I purchased a mobile home in the country. It sits on a large fenced property which is a bonus for my three dogs. I love the fact that in my mobile home everything is on one level, a double garage, and nine pine trees in the back yard which I can view out of my bedroom window and from the French doors in my family room, the side deck is shaded in the summer time by a large tree (don’t know what kind it is). My kitchen has a large bow window which overlooks the road leading to the elementary school and community centre. This makes it easy to attend all the events featured throughout the year.  This town features two parades throughout the year one on July long weekend and in December Winter Carnival.

 The town newsletter is always an interesting read.  The local Motor Hotel, houses the restaurant, pub, and Post Office. It reminds me of the Saskatchewan produced show Corner Gas located in the fictional town of Dog River. Corner Gas filmed its final season this spring and summer. It's a fun series about fictional life in a Saskatchewan rural town.  This show is very popular in Canada and the US.

 Only six days from New Year's Eve.  2009 may seemly prove to be a year to remember especially economically. Saskatchewan appears to not be feeling a financial crunch as are the rest of our country and the USA.  The future of our political climate is somewhat precarious at the moment which is soon to be determined (January 26, 2009), as to whether the Harper government continues to rule. The impact of so many changes is yet to be revealed over the next few months and years to come.

 This being Boxing Day is only the beginning of the end for 2008. Let's wait and see what's around the corner for 2009 and plan accordingly. My goal is still to retire debt free once the sale of my house becomes a reality. It's only a matter of time. In the meantime I am learning what it means to live within my means.

 Looking forward to what's ahead and leaving behind any regrets of 2008.


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