Monday, December 29, 2008

You Snooze ... You Loose!

I think this cat has the right idea! Cats spend the majority of their lives sleeping, eating, and chasing imaginary "things". What a life!

Well, I have decided not to spend my time off snoozing but rather give my place a new look via paint. I have already painted two rooms and now am working on the rest of the place. I just returned from the paint store and as I was opened the back door of my truck a gallon of paint came flying out and onto the floor. Thank goodness I was able to scoop up most of it back into the pail. I now have a small reminder on the garage floor of this incident.

I just painted an area behind the door to see what this color is going to look like once it dries. So far so good. This is what I will be doing into the new year. I also plan on having my carpet removed and replaced with lino (wood look). My GSD sheds year round and sometimes my dogs have an occasional accident when I am late getting home from work. Low maintenance is what it's all about and lino will do it for me.

I will be back.


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