Sunday, December 28, 2008

If you could rewind the year and go back to the beginning what would you do differently? Do you have any regrets? Perhaps you would not change a thing as you are satisfied with how 2008 unfolded for you.

Life continues on whether we are satisfied or not. It's what we do with it that makes the difference for each of us. If I believe 2009 will be the best year ever, then it will, for me anyway. If my thinking about my life is positive I can accept things that come my way as a part of a much bigger plan, thus making it through the more difficult times will not be as formidable.

The beginning of 2008 was exciting for me as my plan was to move on to the "Last Chapter" of my life as a retiree. I did not think that there would be a hitch preventing me from fulfilling that goal. 
I look at it this way, for some unknown reason my plan is extended into 2009. I am alright with it for now. In fact, it’s more than alright. You see since I am paying for two residences I have come to realize firsthand what it means to live on a restricted budget. I have learned to manage my money better and how to resist free spending. This is a good thing. I have more than enough to live comfortably in my retirement years. I have been downsizing since 2005. It’s amazing how much better one feels with less and not more. Since I thought I was retiring in 2008. I upgraded my electronics as I knew once I was on a fixed income it would less likely that I would be able to upgrade. 
I do not wish to have a part time job in my retirement years to make ends meet. I want to have the choice of working part time should I fancy it. I want the end of 2009 to be a year that I can honestly say it was a better plan for me to continue working. When I think of it, I am already living where I want to live in my retirement years. I plan on making my home more energy efficient and designing my large yard to accommodate less grass. Whatever comes my way in 2009 I hope to be better prepared to make lemon aide instead of having a pile of lemons at my feet.
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