Saturday, December 27, 2008

Five Days Before the Year 2009

Happy New year from the whole gang! We're looking forward to the New Year. It's been real cold outside and we haven't been able to stay outside too long. This morning is a wee bit different it feels like a heat wave has hit. Well almost. People usually make all kinds of resolutions at New Year, but not us, no way. Dogs don't make any resolutions that would in fringe on our happiness. We are too self centred to allow our thinking of our selves as less than perfect. We like ourselves just as we are. I know that Angel is a little fat around the middle and Teddy needs a hair cut. You will note that his picture is an old one and needs to be updated; believe me he looks pretty fuzzy. 

Angel has a birthday coming up in five days. Yep she was a New Years baby. She's going to be four years old, that's 28 in dog years. My birthday is on April  1st (I am no fool), and I am going to be nine years old, that's 72 in dog years. This explains the grey fuzz under my chin. Teddy had his birthday on November 11 he turned eight, that's 56 in dog years. So you see why would we concern our selves with resolutions. Life goes on whether we have them or not.

Our mom no longer makes them either. She says we can make resolutions anytime of the year why wait until January 1 to make changes in our lives. We are not included in the royal "we" as we are dogs. Now if we as dogs would make resolutions they would be in correlation with our self centredness

I am done with my pre-New Years chatter. Wishing you all the best for 2009.

Happy New Year to You and Yours,

Haida, Angel, and Teddy, and last and by no means least, Jaime (our mom)

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