Friday, March 20, 2009


Hello Everybody,

I finally got my mommy to agree to sit down at the computer to hammer out a few words. But before I hand the keyboard over to her I have a few things of my own to talk about.

It's been a long and cold winter and I could only go out long enough to do my business and then back in the house. Teddy on the other hand usually ends up doing his business in the house. But mommy does not seem to mind as she cleans it up right away. Haida on the other hand likes to be outside no matter what the weather. I know why she likes to be out there she constantly barks at the neighbours dogs. Then mommy calls us all in because Haida has such a big mouth! I bark in the house because I hear things that my mommy doesn't.  I overheard my mommy talking to a friend the other day she stated that she was going to send the whole lot of us to the "fat farm". 
I better run as I hear mommy coming... by for now.

Hello ...

It's almost the end of March 2009 and today is the first day of Spring. The snow is starting to melt in the back yard and I dread having to pick up all the "you-know-what" from the entire winter. I am going to figure out another way to do this next winter. Perhaps I will rope off part of the yard. During the other seasons I pick it up more frequently.

As I mentioned in my previous blog I sold my house. the deal was finalized in February 2009 and the new owners moved in at the end of that month. I did take a hit and need to work longer than I had anticipated. My pension too took a major hit. But I am grateful that I do have a good job and can continue to work. I am not the only one that has taken a hit; there are many people out there that have and are making the best of it. Some people I know don;t even want to know how much they lost on their pensions and hope that they will regain their losses ... somehow. For me, I need to know what's going on so I can plan, make changes, stick to my budget, have a goal in mind so I am able to retire without having to get a "little job" to make ends meet. There is nothing wrong with that but I would rather stay working now than have to later.

I love living in the country. I commute to work on a well travelled  four lane highway. I purchased a new 4-wheel drive truck. It certainly makes a difference on the road during the not so nice winter road conditions. 

My other truck has made its way back to Texas. I am sure it will feel much better in the warmer climate in it's retirement years. This truck is in excellent shape and has low miles. Friends of mine came up during Spring break to take it "home". They were just as happy!

I have some plans for my yard. I want to make it more dog friendly. I will have to figure out some innovative ways to accomplish that feat and not break my budget in the process.

I hope to get back on here a little sooner than later.

Till next time,

Jaime & Company

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