Friday, February 26, 2010

The Journey Continues ...

A new chapter; new adventures; new challenges; new beginnings and new endings; these are the makings of my life as it is right now. I never thought for a moment I would be afforded the opportunity to serve in Supervisory capacity during the last chapter of my life.

I face many challenges on a daily basis which I do not mind the least. However, I am faced with the daily reminders of people in my life who are both accepting of what I am trying to do and those who are resistant to any forms of change. I desire to use what I know to make a difficult job easier. It seems to me people are afraid of change and needing to hang on to what was and fail to embrace what could be.

I have thought long and hard of what to do in this regard and what comes to mind is for me to do nothing and just “be”. I have no control over those around me nor do I wish too. But I can control my responses. I can be what I need to be: myself. Others can try to run interference but they have no control over my responses. Only I have the power to choose my responses. If I respond in anger; then I bring on more anger. But if I chose to respond in love, kindness, and understanding it can weaken the negative emotions.

It’s not the situation itself which causes my emotions but rather it’s how I think about or perceive the situation which influences the response I choose. You have heard the phrase, “As a man thinketh, so is he”. Our thinking influences our behaviour by far. If you feel betrayed you act accordingly. If you believe and feel you are loved, honoured, and accepted, you act according to those beliefs. It always comes down to our thinking and what we allow to roll around in our head which can and does influence our behaviour.

If I enter a room full of people and know half of them are resistant to change and prone to releasing negative energy I can think and do one of two things. I can focus on the people expressing positive energy to neutralize the apparent negative energy of the others. If I give in to feelings of helplessness I am defeated. If I see myself as rising above those feelings and believe the negative people have the potential to contribute positive energy to the group there is a shift. My focus becomes what I need it to be to do the job which I have been chosen to do. My positive energy can influence the group respectfully without compromising the dignity of anyone but guiding them to unleash their potential. Think of it this way, we can change our situations by one thought at a time!

We will always have people in our lives trying to refocus our attention on the trivial rather than what is important. It’s your choice whether you give your power away by getting caught up in a no win situation. We learn to choose our battles accordingly and move on to greater heights by taking along those of like mind to climb those mountains and enjoy the view and journey as our eyes are focused on not what was but what could be. I made up a little motto for myself when I first accepted this position on a temporary basis: “to think the best, be the best and to do the best”. I live by this motto every day. On my wall in my office is a quote which says:

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ...
                                  WOW ... What a ride!”     



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