Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update ...

I can't believe my mommy stopped blogging for the past month? I mean, seriously she is missing out sharing all the wonderful things about me. Let me catch you up real quick.

Teddy, recently had dental surgery ... do you know how many treats $800.00 could buy? You do the math!
Angel, not costing a thing, is running her excess pounds off while at the daycare. I make sure the other dogs chase her around. But Angel is feisty; she chases them instead. Still same outcome ... shedding all those unwanted pounds.

Bear (me) where do I start? I love going to daycare playing with my friends and making new ones. I love the latter the best as I know my way around the daycare and let the newbies know I am incharge. The other day I met a Great Dane man is he big ... I barked at him and he took off. I did notice he tried to sniff Teddy ... he quickly made his way to his favorite hiding place. I am sure Teddy must have thought, "what was that?"

My mommy, well there is lots going on for her ... I know she's real busy at work because she has been talking about retirement again. The other day she told someone on the phone when she's retired she plans on taking in "retired dogs", you know the kind people think are too old to have around. If you ask me we are never too old just take a look at Teddy, he's old 63 in dog years! He's two years older than my mom! Don't let her know I told you.

Got to run ... it's time to get into somethings around here!


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