Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome Back Spring 2010

Well good morning everyone ...I awoke this morning and there was Spring! I must admit I was surprised to say the least. You'll notice I am squinting as I left my sunglasses in my basket this morning. My mommy says all the snow is gone. Well I agree it's gone all right but do you know what's in its place? You guessed it ... all the junk Bear has dragged outside all week! Take a look at the picture as it says it all ... a picture is worth a 1000 words.

See, what did I tell you ...?  Bear does the same thing in the house!
Teddy you are a big tattle tale ... just wait I know where you hide your stash of treats.

You don't scare me Bear ... come over here and open the door! 
Right behind you Teddy! Not! Let that little tattle tale figure things out on his own.

Do you ever wonder what we as dogs are thinking? Since we do not communicate with words as we do not have any vocal cords we communicate telepathically with each other. Our humans can also learn this form of communication with us by learning how to use telepathy. My mommy is  very new at this form of communication with us! We love it. My mommy recently came across a book called, "Psychic Communication with Animals for Health and Healing" by Laila del Monte. Publisher: Bear & Company Web Address: It sounds like a good book if I could read I would provide you with a review. But I will have to let my mommy to do it when she is finished reading it.

Well I think it's time my mommy got off the computer and started doing some work around here. She is going back to work next week and we are going back to daycare. Yippy! I am thrilled as I am tired of Angel and Bear giving me the gears. I have my little friends at daycare who are like me and we get together and tell those bigger guys we are the boss of all of them. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

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