Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Rat ... Things are Not What They Seem ...

Now I know what you may be thinking ... call the exterminator.  I read this story about the above creature in a newsletter which I subscribe to:

"Years ago, I met a woman who had rescued hundreds of rats that were going to be exterminated after being used in the horror movie,Willard. She dedicated an entire room of her home to the rats, so they could live out the rest of their lives in comfort. Although I didn't say anything out loud, my initial thoughts were probably just as insensitive as the comments of the folks in the waiting room. My first thought was: "You've got to be kidding! You have one whole room in your home for RATS!"
Talking to her, however, I came to understand that she loved those rats (just as I loved Mary), and I could feel the depth of her love and compassion in saving them. To her, they weren't the "disease infested scavengers," that most people thought they were... ( " Denise Linn, Excerpt from her Mumblings & Musings Newsletter November 2010") 

I have included the link to her newsletter: 
You can copy and past it into the address bar and go directly to her site.

It's been awhile since I last posted here and I will have you know life hasn't stopped for me during my absence. I recently spent time in the hospital due to a reaction to a medication I was taking ... what an experience that was for me and my dogs too. The morning of my trip to the ER I left the dogs at the daycare (thinking it would only be for a few hours. However, I was admitted and spent almost a week trying to get this reaction under control. The same day I had the reaction to the medication I also broke my little toe.  In the end the x-rays revealed it wasn't broken ... but this did not make a difference to me as the pain I am sure is the same. It still hurts as I type this today. I am however, on the mend.

Tomorrow I start on a new project at work. This should be interesting for me as it primarily testing a new computer program which is suppose to make work in our system easier. Since I enjoy computer work and learning new things I accepted this temporary offer. 

Well It's time to move on and make breakfast for myself. 
Have a wonderful day everyone. 

Hey come out here and say that ...
say what????..
Who peed in Angel's cornflakes this morning ... ???

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