Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Musings


It's been sometime since I have posted to my blog so I decided to write a brief note. Christmas and New Year has come and gone and we are well into 2012. I continue to enjoy retirement and grateful to not have to go out in the cold and drive to work anymore.

The winter so far has been most interesting weather wise. We have not had the snow nor cold as we usually have this time of year. I don't mind less snow as I am the one shoveling it. It's been warmer although last couple of weeks have been a deep freeze. Again, grateful not to have to venture out, except going out with the dogs.

I have been spending my time building various projects in the house. For example, a new closet for the front entrance, shelves, work table and shelf for storage. In the living room I built a frame around the window to house a variety of smaller items a couple of home theatre speakers and a bookshelf for books and DVDs underneath the window. Also Angel has a new condo I built for her which also serves as an end table. In my study I moved the bookshelf I made a couple of years ago into the living room and made another one in my study which houses my drawing and sketching supplies and books. I promise to post some pictures as soon as I am able to upload them from my Blackberry.

Well, I am off to do a few domestic things around here.



  1. Boo...we have not had snow here at all..thank goodness! So I have a lot of projects which need doing..when you visiting IRELAND???

    1. As soon as I get the dogs their passports and I renew mine! LOL