Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kasey's Country Vacation Home

Hello, my name is Kasey, Bear is my BFF; we met at daycare. Now I spend time at Bear's house when my mommy has to go out of town for work and when my mom & dad go on vacation. Grover and Angel who live with Bear all the time are lots of fun too. But they are not too happy with me when I try to steal their treats which isn't too often because they know my tricks now. I love it here because I can go on the furniture (which) I can't do at home. Bear has his own love seat which I usually try to get on when he's not looking. Angel has her own special chair too. This is the life as Bear's yard is so big with lots of places to hide and then pounce on the unsuspecting squirrels. LOL I try that with Bear too and then he chases me around the yard. Oh  I almost forgot Bear's mommy gave me my own bowl and eating table. I love it. . Well I better go I saw some bones on the carpet when I came in the house so I am going to take one and enjoy it. Nice chatting, bye.

Kasey is right Bear loves aving Kasey come for visits so they can play together for hours on end.  Angel likes to watch them play from the comfort of sitting next to me. She will go out and bark at them sometimes if she thinks they are getting too rowdy which is usally all the time. LOL The dogs have lots of fun and that's the main thing. Kasey has been here a lot this winter and has his own bed, bowl, and eating table (which I made for mine and one for him too). Well I better go for now it's time to let them out again ... they love it outside especially when it's nice out. Right now it's snowing and they love romping around with one another.


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