Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing Jenny

My little brother recently acquired a new addition, a feline Tabbi named Jenny. She is a year old and full of zest and vinegar. She's learning the ropes of her new "FOREVER" home and seemingly has fit right in. My newphew took some pictures and I made a short movie with them. So sit back and enjoy!


Hello my name is Jenny ... my daddy named me after his favorite star from the Ghost Whisperer. I hope he doesn't think I meow at dead cats and help them cross the Rainbow bridge. But then again you never know what kinds of "gifts" I have been blessed with. LOL
Yes, I understand, no teasing the dogs when they come to visit. Got it! NOT!!!


  1. I am having trouble uploading the video. Will try again another day.

  2. Jenny is lovely...her name in Celtic Welsh is.....Gaynor rofl, and in old English...Guinevere. A lovely addition and great to see you blogging again xx