Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fire next door

This morning at 5:00 a.m. Teddy my Toy Poodle wanted to go outside. I let him out and the other two my shepherd and Sheltie followed on behind. A few moments later I hear Teddy barking in the back yard. I quickly went to the back door to tell him to stop. Since he wouldn't I had to get my shoes on to go into the yard and as soon as they heard me coming they headed in and we all went back to bed.

A few minutes later Teddy and Angel started barking again. Unusual for them when in the house. I told them to be quiet and I listened intently for what, I didn't know. I then decided to get up and look out the window in the sun room which faces the back yard. Then I saw it ... sparks flying in the air. I knew something was on fire. Then I remembered when I first let the dogs out they were sniffing the air as only dogs can do. I quickly made my way back into the house and went to the front side door to see if there was something amiss. Then I saw flames shooting out of my neighbours garage (which is only a few feet from mine). I immediately let my dogs out as I knew they would start barking and wake up the neighbours. I started calling 911 when I saw my neighbour coming out of her house. Then I heard the fire trucks coming down the road.

My neighbours across the street came out of their house as they heard my dogs barking. They said they wondered why my dogs were barking so early and then realized if it wasn't for them that things could have been worse for my neighbours. The garage has a gas furnace in it as it's a work shop with many tools.

The sad part is that this fire seems to be the work of an arson, However, this conclusion is yet to be determined by the fire department when they complete their investigation.

My neighbour from across the street stated that you had better give your doggies a treat for doing their job and alerting us to danger.

It's true isn't it ... animals do serve a purpose than just being a companion they certainly look out for us.

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