Sunday, October 28, 2007

Winter Right Around the Corner

I am in the back yard raking the last of the leaves and picking up dog poop! How exciting. I am clearing off deck furniture and moving it into the garage for the winter. This makes cleaning off the snow in the winter much easier and I am all for low maintenance. The dogs love the snow and usually make their own little cow path to the back yard to do their business and play. Well for the exception of Teddy. One snow flake and he heads for the sunroom to do his business. I don't mind as it's flooring and easy to clean. Two out of three isn't bad hey? I have yet to figure out away the dogs could use the toilet. I do understand that cats can be trained to use toilets. One for the cats!

Well I made myself another fresh cup of coffee and I am heading outdoors again. I will pick this up much much later after finishing the outside front and back yards. This is when I am thinking I should live in a condo. Then of course not pets at least not as many as I have with me here.

Well 25 bags of leaves and I am finally finished with all the yard work. What a job! I am now ready for the snow to fly. I am sure the dogs and me will sleep soundly tonight considering all the fresh air. Oh my aching bones!

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