Friday, October 5, 2007

October 2007

It's me again, Angel, I love running through the leaves in my back yard, especially after mommy rakes them up. What fun!!

Today, however, it's raining outside and the possibility of snow. It's time to change the tires on the truck. I can just imagine summer weather all year round, but I digress and must do what needs to be done around here.

It seems as if the changes in weather/seasons in this part of the country happen in one day. I was driving to work the other day and I knew there were leaves on the trees and when I came home for lunch well ... they were on the road the leaves that is. How dramatic is that?

Since it's raining outside I wouldn't be able to finish the yard work I started last weekend. I am tired from the work week and decided to take it easy today (Friday) and enjoy doing whatever I want to do. The dogs are lying here beside me and waiting for a treat. So I had better appease them soon.

Oh by the way, I have noticed the prices of RVs have come down significantly over the past few weeks. i guess now is the time of year to invest in a rig. This is good for me to know for next year when it's closer to my retirement.

I will be back!

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