Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sleepless Night ...

Have you ever had a sleepless night? I don't have them often, but when I do I usually find myself at the computer writing to someone to let them know that I am wide awake while they are no doubt snoozing away.

Have you ever thought why you can't sleep especially when you are dead tired and know you have to get up in a few hours and get ready for work? The thought has crossed my mind on more than one occasion. For me, I usually end up thinking about things that are going on in my life or things that are waiting for me around the corner. Teddy just meandered into my office wondering if it's morning. Angel is on the floor beside my desk and Haida, well she's snoring away in the other room. For my birds, it's dark and they too are still in dreamland.

Speaking of dreams, I have been having a few these past few nights and they are usually about me trying to ind something or someone is telling me that I should do things differently. Sounds a lot like my waking life.

Yesterday, I decided to check the real estate market and things are still booming in this part of the country. The value of my house seems to be climbing higher as we speak. On one hand this is good for me but on the other hand if I sell I will have to buy something else. I have been checking the market in towns surrounding the city I live in now and guess what the market there is also on the climb. Surprise, surprise!

I had hoped to retire without a mortgage. I am sure something will work out. Perhaps the Lottery? Dream on. Well someone has to win, it might as well be me, right? Okay, it could be you and me, there feel better that I included you. This post is beginning to sound like middle of the night ramblings. It's 3:26 a.m. I am going to sign off for now and head back to bed and try to get back to sleep. When sleepless nights happen to me I do eventually fall asleep only to hear the sound of the radio coming on announcing it's time for me to get up and face another wonderful day in paradise. Cheers!

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