Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bear's First Birthday

It's my Birthday today and I managed to stay in my forever home since I was nine months old! I know my mommy had some days of "second thoughts" about me. But hey, look at me I am a real charmer. I love my mommy and I know she loves me because she found a terrific daycare for me that I go to every day when she is working in the city. I have made many new friends there and I can hardly wait to go with her in the mornings. I am very happy when she picks me up after work. The only thing is that when I get home I am worn out and have no energy left to get into trouble around the house. My mommy calls that a bonus!

For me, the daycare was a life saver as I was beside myself at times when I would come home and Bear got into things because he was "bored." This wasn't his fault by any means. I tried crating him during the day ... this only made him more hyper when I got home due to lack of exercise. Bear doesn't mind his crate but only when he decides to go in.

The Daycare that I use is called "The Playground" Dog daycare and Kennel (306-737-7927). It's ideal for me as it only takes moments for me to drop Bear off. In the mornings the dogs are out in the fenced play area Bear is very excited when his little doggie friends are lined up along the fence barking excitedly as he jumps out of my Ranger. Bear's anxiety about leaving me has all but dissipated since coming to the daycare. He seems more relaxed and yes very tired from running with the pack and playing his day away. The dogs have their rest areas and get a lot of attention and interaction from the owners of the daycare. Believe me this was a real find! I highly recommend this place.

Well I am off to plan Bear's birthday ... oh yes Angel and Teddy they to go to the Daycare. When I get a chance I will post some pictures of the Daycare. What I like about this place is that the dogs are supervised and can run both inside and outside open areas.
Later in the day, Bear had "ribs" for his birthday suppper as did Teddy and Angel, they too love ribs. They ate until they could eat no more and are now sleeping contentedly.
Three days from now is Teddy's birthday, he's going to be 8 years old! He desparately needs a hair cut. He had an appointment a few weeks ago but had to be canceled because I was under the weather. Anyway, I will call this week so he can feel better about himself again.
Angel's birthday is on January 1, 2009; she is going to be five years old!


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