Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Teddy's Birthday

Happy Birthday to me ... I am eight years old today. I may have slowed down a bit over the years but I am still in charge here! I am currently having my afternoon nap so I can be ready for my birthday supper I can hardly wait!

Bear has been by a few times hoping to find my hidden stash. I just growl at him and he keeps on going. Angel is right behind him to make sure he leaves me alone.

I am retired now and certainly enjoy living in the country. My mommy takes Bear to the daycare everyday now. This has given Angel and me some peace and quiet during the day and when he comes home he's too tired to chase me around. My mommy is on vacation right now and I heard her talking on the phone the other day that Angel and me are going to the daycare too. I wish my mommy would retire soon I don't like change. Enough of me ... I am going to get ready for my party.


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