Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dog Chatter

Yes, it's me Angel (before I got my summer buzz cut). Have you noticed that Bear, that annoying GSD who does nothing around here but chase Teddy and me around. I mean who does he think he is anyway? I will tell you he is a first class pest!

Now let me tell you what that pest has done around here. He chews and chews and then chews some more. He told me that he misses my mommy. Teddy and me told him to get over it and move on ... his chewing is getting old.

I guess my mommy thinks so to because she makes Bear stay in his crate before she leaves for work in the morning. Do you know what that baby does? He starts to howl and whine for hours on end.

We don't mind that he is in his crate because Teddy and me get to walk around the house free without getting chased by Bear. We even lie down in front of his cage just to annoy him. He doesn't like it because he barks at us and we just bark back and walk away from him. I wonder if he will ever grow up? However, if the truth be known that pest kind of grows on you at least that is what Teddy says.

Mommy made arrangements with a boy to come over twice a day to let us outside for a pee break. When my mommy gets home she feeds us and then we go for a walk; the three of us. She doesn't like it too much when we tangle our leashes by walking all over the place. Teddy walks the best because he always has to get out of the way when Bear wants to sniff at the same post that Teddy is sniffing. We like going for walks because we get to see so many things and sniff so many different kinds of smells.

Well I better go and see what my mommy is up to she's probably on the computer working on something called stats.

Just me, Angel

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