Friday, August 14, 2009

Announcing my new arrival ... Bear

Hello Everybody,

My name is Bear, my birth name was Diesel. I was born on November 7, 2008. I am nine months old and still very much a puppy, just ask my new mommy!

I just love my new home and am getting to know the other two Teddy and Angel. I wanted to make an impression on them when I arrived but seeing that I was used to living outside I had to get use to living in doors and learn the rules.

Angel is always trying to put me in my place and Teddy, well he usually hides when I am around as I can be a little too playful at times.

My mom, well she's terrific even though I chewed her shoes, ripped the carpet in the family room and made a hole in her mattress. Now, I didn't do all those things because I wanted to be mean I am growing and need stuff to chew on. The mattress was an accident cause I was looking for Teddy's cookies which he leaves on the bed. The carpet in the family room well it's plain ugly and I was only trying to hide my treats from the others. I guess I pulled too hard on the corner of the carpet and the rest is history.

I almost forgot the old footstool filled with straw which was also in the family room. Again, I thought I sniffed a treat and all there was inside was straw! There was straw everywhere ... you should of seen my mom's face when she got home, it was priceless. I thought she would throw me out. But do you know what she did? She threw out the footstool instead ... I guess she firgured it too was ugly and didn't fit in with the rest of the decor anymore.

I heard my mommy telling someone on the phone that she was going to get rid of that carpet in the family room anyway. So I thought that it was a good thing that I gave her a head start.

Well, let me tell you about the other stuff that I am learning to do. Mommy taught me to SIT. I sit pretty good. I am learning the words: DOWN, OFF, STAY, and COME. I do the last thing pretty good. My mommy takes the three of us for a walk. What fun that is especially when we all try to go into different directions! We get all tangled in our leads.

I love it here. I am learning the ropes pretty quick. My mommy bought me a whole bunch of chew things. I usually hide them from the others, but they do manage to find them. I will have to think of better hiding places.

My next story is about my trip to the vet ... that will have to wait for another day!


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  1. Jaime,

    Bear is just beautiful! I remember what a handful my GS puppy was, and the time she ripped apart a bean bag chair.

    The next day her poops were full of tiny polystyrene balls! Aggghhhh!!!