Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Trip to the Vet

Yep, it's me, Bear! I am wearing a Victorian collar. Known in the dog world as the dreaded cone! I have to wear it so I won't lick or pull out my stitches. You guessed it mommy had me neutered. She did not want me to have to pay puppy support. Hey, make no mistake I still like the females!

I have to keep this on for 10 days. My mommy takes it off during the day as long as I am not licking or trying to pull out my stitches. I have sneaked in a few licks. I think my mommy as eyes in the back of her head and before you know it on comes the cone again. On Thursday, August 20, 2009 it will be ten days and I can bury that dreaded cone in the back yard!

The morning of my operation my mommy took me out to the truck. I am still not to keen on riding in mommy's Ranger. She tried to get me into the truck. But I wasn't so willing. I put my front paws on the truck and that's as far as I would go. When my mommy tried helping me up by lifting my back legs I folded like an accordion. She then opened the other side of the truck too. I finally made it on the truck but I fooled my mommy because as she closed the one door and was going around to close the other door I jumped out! Jokes on her. Ha! Ha! Well only for a moment she did get me back in the truck and we were on our way.

When we arrived at the vet's office I knew something was up. The lady at the counter tried to trick me to set on the scale. Yeah, right. I peed on the floor and folded like an accordion again. The lady gave up and said it's okay we weighed you a couple of weeks ago.

When the lady took me to another room without my mommy I knew something was up ... and I was right ... the rest is history.

I better go now it's time to chase Angel around the house. It's raining outside and can't go out until it stops.



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