Friday, January 1, 2010

Angel's Birthday New years Day

Finally, it's my birthday. Yippy! I must admit that 2009 was quite the year for me. I lost my best buddy Haida to cancer. I still miss her. Then mommy brought another GSD who she named "Bear" ... I must admit the name suites him. He's always yelping like a bear. I love putting him in his place. Last place that is ... I must admit he does grow on you!

Mommy found this great doggie daycare called "The Playground Dog Daycare and Kennels" we love it. She drops us off on her way to work. I have made a lot of friends and sure do miss them over the holidays. I over heard mommy talking on the phone about taking us there during the holidays because Bear is bored. We're bored too. Well maybe not Teddy he sleeps most of the day. He's the senior dog in this pack.

Mommy is going to have a party for me today. What fun I can hardly wait.



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