Friday, February 11, 2011


  Okay everyone ... the suspense is over Drum roll please ..... My mommy is  absolutely thrilled to announce her retirement on May 7, 2011 from the civil service after 30 years of life changing experiences. This is her third attempt at retirement as she planned to retire in December 2008, and then December 2010.  However, this time it's a done deal. The countdown is on tick tick tick .... I couldn't be happier and look forward to the next chapter of our life which I believe ( I already peeked) will no doubt hold some exciting times for us.
Since I now am first in line I got to make this announcement. Ha Ha Bear mommy likes me best!

Mommy I want to wish you a happy retirement. But I have one questions, "Will we still go to daycare?" You know how much I enjoy my time with the ladies, I mean my furry friends? 

Mommy: You absolutely will still go to daycare but not everyday. there will be times I have to go in to town to buy your dog food and my food too. 

Bear: What a relief. Can I have that in writing please? 

Angel; Mommy's word is good as gold Bear. Besides I will make sure she takes us to daycare sometimes. LOL

Mommy: Okay guys it's time for breakfast.

Till next time,
Jaime & Company

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