Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Story Grover

 Hello ... my name is Grover, I am almost twelve years old, part Terrier and not sure what else. I lived with my previous owner from puppy until I was about ten years old. She had to move into a home where they did not allow me to come along. I never understood why I couldn't go with her because I know she loved me very much as I did her. I became very sad when I had to leave her. Her family took me to a Shelter. I was so scared and didn't know what to do when I got there. I had never seen so many people and other dogs. It was noisy too. It took me a long time to get use to living there. I met the nicest and kindest lady Director who I know tried really hard to make me feel okay again. This took a long time because I was scared so I wasn't too friendly at first. I missed my mommy, my own bed, and all my favorite toys.

 Days turned into weeks, months and yes a couple of years went by and I was still at the Shelter. Many people came by to look at me but I think they were afraid of me because I would bark and make lots of noise which  I think may have scared them off. I didn't mean to be scary but I was unsure of  myself and what was going to happen to me. Perhaps they thought I was too old to live with them or maybe they weren't comfortable knowing I sometimes had trouble with my back legs. If they would have only asked my Director she would have told them she gives me pills to help me feel  better real fast. I like to sleep a lot too which I think is not a bad thing as I like to dream about chasing rabbits and squirrels all over the place. Sometimes I dream about my first owner and we play together just like old times. But when I awoke in the morning she's not there... it's okay because my Director was there to say hello to me every morning when she arrives at the office. I am not sure where she goes later in the day but sometimes she comes back at night just to make sure we are all okay.

I know know my Director liked me a lot because she let me sleep in her office when the other dogs weren't in there with her. She was so nice to me and I started to let myself love her; I know she loves me too. I heard from the other dogs that I was lucky to be at this Shelter because she give us older dogs and dogs with behavior problems a longer chance to be adopted. I saw many dogs come and go with their new forever family. It's didn't bother me too much because I really loved the Director and she loved me so much because she would tell me lots of times that she was looking out for me. I was so blessed. I think my Director must have lots of love to give away because I heard her say the same things to other dogs that were scared when they come to live at the Shelter. Therefore we are all so very blessed!

As the time passed I became more friendly especially with the furry ladies and I would hang out with them. I began going outside more and found the other dogs to be okay to be around. But I always looked for my Director because I did not want her to leave me. I love a good chase and enjoy running after a rabbit or two. One thing I don't like is going out to pee in the rain. I would rather hold it until it stopped raining as I do not like to get my fur wet. I always like when the Director took me outside  to pee, play and/or go for walks and when she wasn't there another nice lady would take me outside. But I still liked the Director best.

I heard some news the other day about me going to a forever home ... finally someone wants to take me home. I know I should be happy but I am going to lose another best friend, my Director. I don't want to leave her behind maybe she can come too. The lady who wants me has two dogs a German Shepherd named Bear and a Shetland Sheep dog named Angel. I am sure they are nice but I will miss this place I have called home for so long. My Director talked to me about the move and said I will really like it because my new owner is retired and has a really big fenced in yard, lots of doggie toys, and a nice bed to sleep in. She told me about a squirrel who lives in the yard which Bear likes to chase up the tree! I heard Angel is real friendly and can hardly wait for me to come. I am not sure about Bear because he is so big and I heard he barks at all the newbies at daycare. My Director says Bear is good at making newbies like me feel at home. We are suppose have a meet and greet real soon and then have a couple of pre-placement visits so I can feel more comfortable with my new "siblings" in my forever home.

 Now I am kind of getting use to the idea of moving ... I am still sad about not seeing my Director everyday. Looking back my first owner wanted and loved me until she couldn't care for me anymore. I then met my Director who wanted and loved me too. She looked after me until a forever home came along, So I am one of the luckiest dogs ever. I get to live out the rest of my life with someone who will love me, keep me safe, and look after me. I am glad there are other dogs to play with because I still need to show them who is the boss! LOL I am suppose to move by the end of March 2011 or maybe sooner. I also heard Bear and Angel go to a Doggie Daycare with lots of other dogs to play with ... I wonder if my Director will be there?

I wanted to show you a picture of my best friend at the Shelter. We used to run and play in the field together. It was so much fun. She too went to a forever home. I miss her and our times together.

The other day my Director took me out to pee and one of the other dogs sneaked through the door and took off like a shot. My Director and I took chase after her and right in front of me a rabbit showed up. WOW a real rabbit ... well I forgot about the other dog and the chase was on .... but the rabbit was faster and managed to get way! Let me tell you I was so tired that night I slept without getting up once. I must add I was a wee bit sore but in the end it was worth it all. I love those rabbits. I wonder if there are any rabbits to chase in my new forever home?

I wanted to let Grover tell his own story and he did a pretty good job. He is going to join our family very soon we can hardly wait. I decided a long time ago once I was retired I would give a "forever" home to older dogs who could no longer live with their owners for whatever reason. There was another older dog named Conner I agreed to come into our home but unfortunately he passed away suddenly a couple of weeks ago. Soon after the Director told me Grover's story and sent the above photos. He reminded me of a dog named Flaco who lived with me when I was in Texas. Flaco was an older dog and the Director's favorite. He too, was a Terrier cross. I couldn't bring him to Canada due his old age and our very cold and long winters. I knew he was much better off staying with my good friend who loved him lots and looked after him until his death a few months ago. Flaco was about 14 years old.

We plan on visiting Grover real soon and start our pre-placement visits. Angel and Bear with come with me to meet Grover so they can sniff each other and familiarize themselves to each other's scent. Bear likes to meet new dogs at the daycare by getting into their face by barking at them; they soon realize all he is trying to do is say hello and make them feel at home. Bear is a real natural. .

The Director at Grover's Shelter is a lovely woman who truly cares for and loves animals as do her staff. They take good care of them and freely shower them with much needed love. In return, many of the dogs start loving them unconditionally. The Director and her staff provide these animals with a second chance at life and then some. All the animals who were fortunate enough to have come across the Director's  path were and are truly blessed! I am sure Francis of Assisi would be very honored by her love and commitment to these animals who have no voice or representative to speak up for them. We need more Directors and people like her to give animals a second chance which they deserve. Blessings to you Director and your dedicated staff.

Many Blessings to all the animals out there,

Jaime, Angel & Bear

p.s. Teddy passed one month ago today. I know he will be happy for Grover coming to live with us.


  1. Lovely to meet you, Grover, and thank you for sharing your story. You are such a lucky dog as you will be going to a loving and caring home. Don't worry about Bear, he just has to assert his authority at first but he knows you are coming and he is happy about it. So is Angel.

    Jaime, you have a fantastically kind heart to do this as with taking on older animals the heartbreak of parting comes sooner than we would like. You have such love and courage and I admire you greatly for doing this.

    You write so beautifully, have you thought of writing on behalf of other dogs in shelters? I'm sure they'd find a home really quickly with a sponsor such as yourself.
    Blessings, Stephanie x

  2. Thank you Stephanie for your very kind words and yes it has crossed my mind about writing for other dogs. Grover's Director mentioned in his story does that for all the dogs she posts on the Shelter's website. She is a definite voice for animals. They are so blessed to know her and she them.