Friday, July 1, 2011


Cheers Canada!

Here we are again celebrating another holiday ... there will be a lot of fan fare going on in the city along with an evening of fireworks. I can't imagine sitting in the park with a million misquotes ready to feast on me and all the unsuspecting spectators of the pending fireworks.  I am not sure what will be louder ... the fire works the the people slapping off the little critters. LOL.

I can watch the fireworks from my front window and enjoy the night sky lighting up without having to protect myself from a swarm of mosquitoes. Now that's celebrating at it's finest. 

However, since it's cooler today it's also a great day to mow the lawn. I only just cut it a week ago!
My dogs too, have been fighting off the mosquitoes and are quite happy to remain indoors with me. Of course they do like to go out periodically to run around until they can't stand those pesky critters. The go strainght to the door as if to say let us in NOW! LOL. 

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