Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Almost Mid-Work Week

This week certainly started out with a bang!!! It didn't help that I was away from my desk for a couple of weeks. Since my basket was full to things to do I began making a list and prioritize. Now, that's a pretty good plan if you could concentrate on the list. However, the nature of my work lends itself to responding to things on an as needs basis, but I digress.

The past two days I did manage to accomplish some things maybe not exactly what I had plan on my drive to work. On my way home from work I decided that I can only respond to so much in a day. I will do my best, my very best and the rest, well there is always tomorrow, a new day, to work on my list.

Haida, my shepherd who is at the beginning of this post is nudging me ... remember your fur kids they too need to be fed or are we on your list too???

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