Monday, September 17, 2007

Slowing Down ...

Good Morning,

I am home sick from work today. I guess the work week has caught up to me and I need to rest for a few days. I finished the week and had an important appointment this morning which had to be post phoned. You know life goes on whether we are at work or not. We need to remember that we are not indispensable. Chilling thought when we think that what we do in a day can be done by some one else. Well that leads us to only one conclusion: we can and are replaced very easily.

However, since my identity is no longer wrapped up in my work this thought doesn't really bother me. I am glad that someone else can pick up and do my job. My feelings are likely influenced by my up and coming retirement. The only difference then will be that I won't be calling in sick, I will just be sick at home with the dogs by my side.

Well, I better rest for a while, maybe watch Oprah or Ellen.

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