Saturday, September 8, 2007

Summer-Fall 2007

Summer is almost over and Fall is around the corner. I enjoy all the pretty colors and then it's winter. In this part of the country we usually get lots of snow. I like winter too, except of course for the blizzards and slippery roads, but for the most part I do like winter!
Earlier this year I was checking out the realestate market in the surrounding areas where I live. the housing was about half the price of what it is in the city. Well since that time the market value of my house has more than doubled. The realestate market is booming and will likely to continue for some time. This has changed my thoughts about retiring in Canda. I decided I coule be more adventuresome by purchasing a motorhome and traveling throughout the USA and Canada. I can stay in areas as long as I want and move on to the next town whenever I chose. Just think, getting up in the morning with a cup of java in hand and looking out the window of my Recreational Vehicle (RV) and seeing a lake with mountains in the background! Just imagine having a different view every few days or weeks.

I have started my research on the net of the various RV sites and forums. I have posted on some of them asking questions as I am in the beginning stages of this journey. My biggest thing right now is learning all I can about RVs and the RV full timing lifestyle. I have looked at new RV units and also pre-owned RVs. The two classes I am looking at are Class A \- a motor coach and a Class C/ mini version of the motor home. The top unit is a Class A
2008 and the unit here is a Class C. The major difference being that front is a van front. they say it's a wee bit easier to handle than the Class A. But that is debateable as the Class A's from what I understand are very easy to handle also. There is more room at the front that can be used as living space.

The people in the forums are very friendly and helpful. I have already spent many hours on the net researching and it seems that the more I am learning it leaves me wondering as to whether or not I can learn all I need to know to be able to handle all that goes along with the RV life style. The people on the forums tell me that there are many helpful people along the way that will offer their help to anyone who needs a hand.

We a couple of RV dealers in town and I have visited with both. It's interesting the difference in prices of their RVs seeing they are located in the same city. I also have answered some RV ads for pre-owned units. There is one that I saw a Class A 1999 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 36.5 feet in length. The Rv is very well looked after with many upgrades. It looks like brand new ... his asking price I felt was a wee bit high for the age of the RV. I have been looking at similiar units online for much less. I have noticed that he still has the unit for sale. If I could get a better price I would consider purchasing it. However, right now I chose to still look around and get more educated with the market so I can ask the right questions when looking at other units.

Back in 1999, took a leave from my job and moved to Laredo Texas. I loved living there and decided that I would like to live in that area once I retire. Since I am a Canadaian citizen I still hae to come up to Canada every six months (I think) and also have a Canadian address while I am on the road. This is another area that I need to research more.

This past summer I decided to downsize and had a garage sale. I will do the same thing again next year and hopefully be on the road either spring of summer of 2009.

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