Monday, May 12, 2008

The Day After ...

I am happy to report that my plant made it through the night! The dirt is still moist so I think I am okay in not watering it yet.

It's Monday morning and I am sitting here writing on my blog before I have had my first cup of java. I am going to have to remedy that situation by going into the kitchen to make some coffee. I need to start the day right. am drinking Folgers these days. I usually drinking Colombian or Breakfast Coffee. But since Folgers was on sale. It's Folgers for the next while. I enjoy Tom Horton's coffee too! I drink mine black, have for years, but I don't drink as many cups as I use to. But I digress, I will be right back. Don't go away. I am back and the coffee is brewing. Can you smell the fresh aroma wafting down the hall? I guess not. Seriously, I do enjoy a great cup of coffee.

I am currently reading Mary Higgins Clark's book, "I Heard That Song Before", (2007), it's about a sleepwalker who allegedly committed three murders while sleepwalking. It has a lot of twists and turns, a web of lies and deceit. Ms. Clark's eloquence has you hanging on every word until the very end when the culprit is finally revealed. Click on the title of this entry which will take you directly to Simon and Schuster, Ms. Clark's publisher's website. I was reading the book until the wee hours as I could not put it down. Finally, my eyes would no longer allow me to read another word. Hence, today is another day to spend reading the remainder of this thriller. Ms. Clark truly is the Queen of suspense!

Till next time, Enjoy!

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