Friday, May 16, 2008

How Far Does Five Bucks Go .... in the USA?

Take a real close look at this bill. What do you see?

Remember the 'good old days', when 5 bucks would almost buy you a cart full of groceries. Well maybe not a full cart .... our money, Canadian dollars too, are shrinking more and more by the day. The cost of living rises but the dollar seems to be continuously shrinking. This gives a new meaning to making ends meet. As you know my goal is retirement. My goal for retirement is to be mortgage free. I remember back in 1999 when I lived in Texas, I could fill up my Ford Ranger for $12.00 (USA). Now, back in Canada I pay pretty close to $100.00 to fill a tank. I am fortunate that my truck is a standard and real good on gas.

Well I need to go for now ... I have to fill my truck up with gas!

Tell next time, Cheers!

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