Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Day Before New Years Eve ...

I can only imagine the many people that are looking to make their new years resolutions for yet another year. It seems that the theme of a new beginning is what draws people to looking back and thinking this year will be different.
What makes a New Year different from the Old Year that's about to slip away? I will venture to say there is no difference whatsoever except of course we will be writing 2010 instead of 2009.
You go to bed on December 31, 2009 and awake on January 1, 2010! What's changed? Your are still the same as you were when you went to bed right? Wrong!
Physically you appear the same but your thinking about your life has been challenged by thoughts like: "I know that this year will be different; I can make a difference; I am ready to take the plunge and rethink my options, goals, hopes, dreams etc.".
Only we can make a radical change in our lives. It's up to us; it always is up to us. We can become the people or person we are meant to be. Now that kind of thinking is power! I venture to say that 2010 will be your year of change if you decide it so. It's not the New Year that makes the difference it's you!
What about me? Well, since it is up to me to make those changes I had better sign off and rethink some things and perhaps I will post some of my thoughts throughout the year!
Happy New Year everyone!
Jaime & Company (Teddy, Angel & Bear)

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