Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grover ... Home at Last

Hey ... welcome to my new "forever" home

Excuse me, I am looking for the treat cupboard

Okay, I won't eat all of them, I promise

According to the map it's 3 steps this way ...then 1 step right!.

Look there is another dog over there!

Glad I found this patch of grass

Bear is behind me isn't he?

I love all these trees & they are all mine!

A wishing well? Cool ,,,

Grover's first hours here were interesting to say the least. Bear had to let Grover know who was boss;           I reminded Bear that I was the REAL boss and not him... Angel put her two cents worth in and has been keeping Bear in line.

This is Grover's 3rd day with us and he's doing great! Bear has finally accepted him and the two of them go out in the yard to explore and bark. This morning Bear was barking at a plastic bag blowing in the wind. LOL. I have been supervising them pretty closely to make sure things go smoothly. Angel is starting to warm up to Grover and Bear tried engaging Grover in some play this morning ... so all is good around here. 

I am also happy to report the snow is slowly starting to melt and revealing all the hidden treasures: cardboard boxes, plastic bowls, doggie toys, bones, etc. This of course is Bear's handy work as he carried this stuff outside during the winter! Guess who has to pick it all up? All in a day's work. Who said retirement is boring certainly not around here! I love every minute.

Jaime A& Company
(Angel, Bear, & Grover)


  1. Wonderful. And such a tribute to you that everything is going so smoothly.
    Lovely pictures as well.

  2. Nice captions under those great pictures, Jaime. It was so good of you to give Grover such a great home to live out his remaining years. Angel and Bear sound just like their Mom ( you!)...very caring and accepting!
    Karin McEwen

  3. Thanks Karin... and if it wasn't for you telling me about Grover we would have never met! It seems like he's been here forever. He certainly loves going outside his "his" own yard where he can "bury" little treasures he doesn't want Bear to find. LOL