Friday, April 15, 2011


Nixon has been found ... he is now living in a forever home being loved and cared for .... 
Happy Ending..
 ... please keep looking for me. I just don't know how to find my way back to the Shelter

Kristyn McEwen, Executive Director MJHS provided this latest update on Nixon: 

Nixon is still missing.  We have had some sighting of him around town.  He has been seen on the 1000 block of Monk and also Saskatchewan and 4th Ave NW.  Please keep your eyes open for our boy.  If you have any sighting or information please call the MJHS at 692-1517 or 631-9595

We are thinking of you Nixon. We hope you are safe and well!

Our 6 year old Rotti/ Shepherd was taking out for a walk today and never returned. Please keep your eyes open for this big fellow. The person that took him signed out using a fake name, phone number and address. 

Nixon is a calm soul who is loves people. He would have no problem approach and settling in with anyone. We are very concerned about his well being and want nothing more than to see him returned to us.  

Please keep your eyes open for our boy. You can call 692-1517 or 631-9595 with any information regarding Nixon

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 Thank you!

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