Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Morning

Yippy another Saturday to chase squirrels

I am NOT into Squirrels

Excuse me, more snow coming our way today!
This morning on the radio I heard we have more snow coming our way this weekend. Not sure how much we will get here but nonetheless it's going to snow again. The upside is I no longer have to worry about driving in these types of conditions.

There are a couple of smaller dogs running free by our fence and Bear so desperately wants to play with them. I know he misses his little friends from daycare. I think these are newer dogs to the area and the owners likely are not aware of the "not letting your dogs run free thing" they have here in the village. They are such nice dogs no fault of their own they are free I hope nothing happens to them as the highway is not far off from here.

The reason I fenced in my yard completely was to afford my dogs a safe place to play and run around without the hazards of running free. If I didn't have a fence I know mine would also love to check out the area more thoroughly. They do know some of the area from their walks with me. During our walks I have them on a lead as should a rabbit or squirrel cross our path no telling where my dogs would end up.

And that's the truth!
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