Saturday, February 23, 2008

Computer Crash Blues

This morning I turned on my computer and everything seemed normal. NOT. Little did I know within minutes my computer would freeze up as I was backing up my files. What did I do? What I have done hundreds of times before: held down the power button until the computer turned off; then waited the usual 1-1000-2-1000 -3-1000 etc. until I reached 10-1000 and turned on my computer. I heard a little whirl and saw the little light blinking and that was it. My monitor remained BLACK. I repeated previous ritual three more times. And still, NOTHING.

I picked up the telephone and dialed the local computer techie and he told me to bring it in. He plugged the CPU in and he got the same response. This confirmed to him that I wasn't lying. He then told me that I had to get in line and wait, and if I wanted to jump ahead of the line I could fork over $24.95 along with the $80.00 he needed for him to back up my personal data on my hard drive. I asked him how he could do that if the CPU won't even load? He grinned sheepishly as he informed me "they have ways" to do that sort of thing. Ca-ching $$$.

Since I need those files on Monday morning I really have no choice as he has me over a barrel. I need to pay the $80.00 + the $24.95 regardles of what is actually wrong with the computer, to get him to retrive my data.

Last night when I was putting on the finishing touches to a file and a power point presentation, a little thought crossed my mind: "you need to transfer your files over to your memory stick"( it happened to be plugged into the computer at the time). I pushed that thought out of my head and thought I am too tired and will do it tomorrow.

I can tell you one thing: from this day forward, I will NEVER PUT OFF BACKING UP MY DATA!

I hooked up my laptop and plugged in my main screen and wireless key board and I am off to the races. I have a strange feeling that I will be redoing some of my work before the weekend is up.

Right about now, I feel like the guy in the picture, like I am going to be reinventing the wheel.

Till next time, Cheers (I don't feel too cheery at the moment)


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