Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Morning

Good Morning,

Right about now I would love to be on a boat in Hawaii watching the Humpback whales diving in and out of the water. Something I should jot down on my "Retirement To Do List"

I read that Humpbacks stick their tail out of the water into the air, swing it around, and then slap it on the water's surface; this is called lobtailing. It apparently makes a very loud sound. Humpbacks lobtail more when the seas are rough and stormy. I decided to look further into the Humpback and found the following information which is quoted in part from the "American Cetacean Society Fact Sheet" below:

"The humpback whale is one of the rorquals, a family that also includes the blue whale, fin whale, Bryde's whale, sei whale, and minke whale. Rorquals have two characteristics in common: dorsal fins on their backs, and ventral pleats running from the tip of the lower jaw back to the belly area. The shape and color pattern on the humpback whale's dorsal fin and flukes (tail) are as individual in each animal as are fingerprints in humans. Click on title "Sunday Blog" or each of the underlined words above to take you directly to their website).

But the reality is that I am in the middle of winter surrounded by snow and the only thing bobbing up and down on the horizon are the shovels flailing into the air redirecting the snow from their driveways and walkways.

Yesterday was a surprising change in weather when the temperature sored up and sent a brief heat wave causing the snow to start melting; hence rain. However, the temperature dropped again to freezing causing icy conditions on the roads, driveways, and walkways. Thank goodness it's the weekend and I don't have to go out.

I am going to pour myself another cup of java and look at some more pictures of the Humpback in Hawaii and visualize myself back on the boat watching these incredible creatures doing their acrobatics!

Till next time, Cheers!

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