Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good News

I paid $104.00 to have the Techie retrieve my data from my hard drive. I went home popped in the DVD into my laptop and presto I had all my files back. I have a note written above my computer screen which reads "back-up", only I know the story behind those words.

The Techie called me this afternoon to tell me that they have located the problem: "the power source is faulty", he said in a smug voice. I asked him what caused the problem? He told me it was either faulty to begin with or it shorted out due to a power surge. The latter seems somewhat dubious to me. If that was the case would not my printer also been affected by the alleged power surge? The Techie told me that they would have to order the part from the company and then put it into my computer. I told him that the other Techie I spoke with yesterday thought there was something wrong with the hard drive. I told him to make sure that everything is in good working order before I pick up my computer.

Perhaps I should take a course in computer repair and hang out a little shingle: "Computer Repairs Here", another thing I could put on my retirement "to Do List".

Well, I am happy again and much relieved that I did not have to redo all that work. I learned my lesson.

Till next time, Cheers

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