Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Okay this is no longer funny!
I called again this morning ... there had been a "Travel Not Recommended" earlier but now it's slippery icy sections with snow drifts. I suppose if I crawl to work this morning I should be alright at least I will arrive eventually. I have found at times the weather report stated things were good when they were not or they were poor conditions and things were fine. so who do you believe? I do feel better about going in and I can turn around and go back. It's not like I haven't driven in bad weather before. I remember one day getting on the road the visiblity was so poor the only thing that kept me from going into the ditch were the rumble strips along the edge of the road. When I was on them I could tell by the sound and needed to steer to the left immediately. I will go in this morning and hopefully make it to and from work today!

6:35 pm Update
I did go to work this morning but not at my usual time ... I got stuck in the driveway. When i opened the garage door I noticed the driveway was blown in with snow. I figured since my truck is a 4x4 I would just blast through to the road like I do every morning. NOT!!!

I verged too close to the pile of snow on my left and as I tried to get free I sunk down and couldn't move. I had to take the dogs out of the truck and put them in the house while I tried to shovel my way out without having a heart attack. I called work and told them I would be late. I started shoveling as best as I could. I was grateful for one thing though that I wasn't in a ditch somewhere with the dogs at least they were safe in the house. A neighbor happened by I waved him over. He couldn't  believe I got stuck with a 4x4. Anyway he offered to pull me out with his 4x4. It took minutes and I was free. I resumed shoveling the driveway but decided I would park my truck by the gate when I returned from work. Hence I repeat the above scenario. LOL

On my way to work was another story. The roads from McLean to Balgonie were like a virtual skating rink ... I called the daycare before I left home to ask about the roads. Barb stated they were fine. When I got to the city it was like I drove into another time zone as the roads were clear and the weather sunny.

The group I work with took me out for my retirement lunch. It was very nice of them. I enjoyed it very much. Then at coffee time the whole floor joined in for dessert. All in all the day turned out very well!

Needless to say, I have to make up for missing work on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 by working on Monday, March 28, 2011 then I can go on vacation! Tomorrow is another day ... now what day is it. I have actually lost count ... I have been thrown off the counting wheel!

I haven't lost count

Me neither

Only 3 more days if it doesn't snow!

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