Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just in ... New Pictures of Misty and Grover

Grover sneaked in Misty's picture.
 I love baths ... they feel so good! Right now I am sharing Kristyn's Office with Grover. I know he's going to his new forever home real soon. I can hardly wait until someone adopts me and gives me a forever home. I am going to miss Grover. 
Misty is available for adoption at the Moose Jaw Humane Society. (Just click on their link on Favorite Websites).
Hey it's me ... I just had a bath ... I don't like anyone bathing me except Kristyn. I wonder if she can visit me at my forever home and give me a bath. I love it when she towel dries me and then I run all over and roll in the blankets what fun!
Now, how can you resist a handsome fella like me?
I have had my bath and I am ready to roll! Okay mommy I am waiting for you to come and get me!    Do you think Misty could come too?                                         

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