Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Musings

Looks like my back yard

A little to the left Darling

First thing this morning as I was opening the blinds I looked out the window and noticed my electric dog dish and thought I shouldn’t forget to fill it up today. (I use it the winter time for water for the wild birds) I decided to do it right away. The dogs followed me out as they thought we were going to daycare. Fooled them! Bear came with me as I filled up the water dish and some of the feeders with bird seeds. Angel stayed in the garage as she doesn’t like to go through the deep snow in the back yard besides she still believed we were going to daycare.

It sure was cold out there and I was happy to come back in and pour myself a hot cup of Java. Bear and Angel went back to bed. They are still asleep ... after all it’s only 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Oh I forgot to mention I cleaned out both my freezers. This was unintentional as I was looking for something ...butter for my toast. I noticed I have a lot of frozen vegetables I am sure enough for the rest of the winter! The order of the day is to do the least amount of work possible after all when Monday comes and goes ... that's it. I will have all the time in the world for my projects. Why should I try to finish everything on a weekend like I am accustomed to doing? I will have to develop new habits ...

By the way, I called up the Canada Pension Plan people (CPP) to ask a couple of questions about my application since I applied online: (1) did I need to have my signature verified/witnessed and (2) to ask about taxation of my CPP. 

I don't recall how many menus I had to go through requesting I press this button if I wanted this menu and that button for another menu etc ... I think you get my point. I finally got a real person, I did ask him if he was “real” to which he replied, "Yes, the last time I check I was real." He was very pleasant but did ask how I got this number as I had the wrong number for the information I was asking about ... I told him I got it off their website. He gave me another number and I went through the same thing with more menus. I got another real person and he answered my questions. 

Since I am retiring early I do lose a certain percentage of my pension. However, some of my colleagues who retired early took their CPP as it all seems to work out/adjust itself in the end. I asked the guy would it make a difference if I took my pension in January 2012 or now. It was about a $15.00 difference. If he would have said it's a $300.00 dollar difference I would wait. But $15.00 is hardly worth waiting for don't you think? I am rambling ... I still have to figure out what tax bracket I will fall into for income tax. I have tried for years to use my dogs as a tax deduction but to no avail. I don't understand why not as they are my fur kids and are dependents for life. LOL

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