Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Angel's Birthday: Happy Birthday Angel

It's me Angel ... I am three year old today. I am the youngest of the group and the fattest. My New year's resolution is to loose some weight ... I am going to lay off the treats and going on a diet. Well, it's not exactly my idea, it's my mommy's plan. But she's right, I can hard get up the stairs and sometimes I miss the footstool as I plop down on the ground with my treat in my mouth.

But it's still my birthday and I am going to enjoy it nonetheless. Remember I told you I wanted a new bed. Well my mommy gave my old bed an "extreme makeover" and it looks and feels pretty good too.

I remember when I came to live with mommy, I was almost thirteen months old. My previous owners said I was hard to train and that I had accidents in the house and that's why they placed an ad in the Leader Post to find someone else to look after me.

Then one day, my new mommy showed up. I was really excited when I saw her, but then again I am excited whenever anyone shows up, it's in my blood you know. Well, my new mommy paid lots of money for me and we drove to my new home. I was a little scared at first, especially meeting Haida, the big big German Shepherd. She chased me a lot, I would just fold like an accordion. she told me that I was the last one to join the pack and had to listen to her.

Then I met Teddy, the toy poodle. He looks little but he reminds me that he is the leader of the pack as he was first. I like chasing Teddy all over the house. I use to be able to follow him under the bed. But as I mentioned earlier, I don't fit under the bed like I did when I first came. The three of us have me come friends, but they tell me that I am the yappy one of the group. But then again, Haida can let out some pretty boisterous barks when she wants to.

All in all, I am happy to live here and love everybody. My mommy let's me sleep wherever I want, but I usually end up sleeping in my bed or in the sun room on the floor as my bed sometimes gets a little warm.

Today is my mommy's last day of her vacation and tomorrow she will be going back to work and we will have the run of the house again, not that we don't have the run of it now, I mean really have the run of the house.

I am hoping that this year is going to be a fun filled year as mommy is planning to retire at the end of of it, not sure what that really means but I think it will be like she is on a very long vacation. It also means that we can go in and out of the house whenever we feel like it. When I first arrived I had a few accidents in the house. Haida told me that I shouldn't do it in the house and that I should wait until mommy let me outside. I tried really hard, but I learned and now I stand at the door every chance I get, even if I don't have to pee. I love playing in the snow and sticking my head in the snow banks and running away from Haida.

Well I have to go now, as mommy is in the kitchen making my low-fat doggie birthday surprise.

Happy Birthday to me
I am now three
And today it's all about me
And What a Birthday it will be!

Wow, I am a poet and didn't even know it!

Happy Trails,

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