Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Little Teddy is home Resting ....

It's me, Teddy. My mom picked me up from the Vet this afternoon, boy was I glad to see her.

The Vet talked to her for a long time telling my mommy how to take care of me. My mouth is really sore and I am tired too. But at least I don't have all that pain from my rotten teeth.

She gave me some soft food for supper. Later she brought me the little white pill. I didn't even fight her. I just opened my mouth a wee bit and she placed the pill draped in butter on my tongue and it slid down my throat. I guess that pill makes me feel better. I have some new meds to take; I over heard the vet tell my mommmy not to start until a week or two. It's suppose to taste okay, so the vet said, but I will be the judge of that ...

I can't have any treats or chew anything hard because of my sore gums. The vet took out most of my teeth and said that I had a pretty bad infection so I have to take more white pills until they are all gone.

I heard my mommy talking on the phone to someone and tell them about me and that she didn't have to pay as much as she thought for my surgery. It makes me feel a little better that she still has enough money to buy treats when I can eat them again.

Bye, Bye, and thanks for listening.



Haida and Angel were all over me when I came home. They were smelling my mouth and me and wouldn't leave me alone. Now they are use to me again and have finally left me alone.

Nite Nite!!!

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