Friday, January 11, 2008

Ghost Whisperer

I love watching Ghost Whisperer and was pleased to see a new episode tonight. I also noticed that Ned is being played by an older actor. I guess a new story line around his character must be in the works.

Medium and Ghost Whisperer take a different approach to their presentation of the spirit world. It's going to be interesting how both of these shows will emerge this season with all the twists and unexpected turns.

Hopefully the writer's strike will be over soon. I think the writer's should get whatever benefits reaped by the people making monies on the DVD's from the very shows these writers create. Makes sense to me. I wish all you writers the best in your negotiations.

Till Next Time ... Cheers!

p.s. Click on Ghost Whisperer title to take you to a promo of the show.

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