Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Morning

Good Morning!

Isn't that a cute picture? I thought it says it all. Let's be friends. Differences don't matter or at least they shouldn't.

My three fur kids are all different breeds: Toy Poodle, Shetland Sheep Dog, and German Shepherd: Large, medium, and small. Three very distinct personalities: Teddy (Toy) he's very much a mama's boy and leader of the pack. He moved in first, then Haida (GSD) who is very laid back and tolerant of her other two mates, and last, but NOT least by any means Angel (Sheltie) who is the yappiest of the bunch. But that's just her. she's very excitable. It's like she is always plugged in to a 120 volts 24-7.

Right now Angel is laying down on the floor beside my computer desk snoring away. Haida is likely on my bed, (she usually sleeps on the love seat in the sun room which is located just off my bedroom), and Teddy probably went into his basket in the dog's room. Yes, I have a dog room for the three of them which houses their crates. This is the room that has the least amount of hair. Go figure.

Speaking of Teddy I need to sign off here pretty quick as he needs to take his "little white pill."

Today I have a number of things to do around the house including cleaning the bird cages. These chores should take me to the end of the day.

Moving on to the next task ... Cheers!

Jaime & Company

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